Open Source Sensing Initiative

a Foresight Institute project
Huge economic, environmental, health, and security benefits are expected from the coming Sensor Age — if these devices are accepted by the public.

For global networks of…sensors to provide useful insights, technology firms, governments, aid organisations and individuals will have to find ways to address
concerns over privacy, accuracy, ownership and sovereignty. Only if they do so will it be possible to tap the gold mine of information…         — The Economist
A long and expensive battle is looming between those using sensors to collect data and those whose data is being collected.  
But this conflict can be reduced and agreement accelerated.   
We can use open source-style processes to develop sensor and data handling standards that take into account both the right to privacy and the right (or perceived need) to sense.
This project aims to provide mechanisms for technologists, users, manufacturers, regulators, and public interest groups to resolve these issues early on, heading off the kind of misdirected investment seen in the electronic voting debacle.
We’re planning a fall 2009 conference and hope you will join the project by sending your info using the Contact page and commenting on the blog.
For an introduction, see the keynote slides or video from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention: slidesvideo .


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