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Scenarios of pervasive sensing & intelligent environments

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Prof. Vic Callaghan of University of Essex (UK) brings to our attention a paper addressing issues of privacy and intelligent environments, which includes a number of scenarios that help make vivid what the future is bringing. His email is worth a read:

I just watched the video of your talk “Open Source Physical Security: Can we have both privacy and safety?“.

I think you raise a number of very important points about the potential for misuse of technology. I research in pervasive computing (Intelligent Environments, Pervasive Sensing, Digital Homes, Smart Homes etc) having previously been heavily involved in robotics. In this work I became aware of how technology could be misused, in a similar way to the nanotechnology you describe. We became so concerned that we gave a talk to the UN (as we felt it needed legislation or guidance at a very high level). More recently we wrote this up as an academic paper which suffered some opposition and modification before we were able to find and outlet willing to publish it (its a rather unpopular message). We are mainstream researchers in intelligent environments, that spent most of our life promoting this technology so it was, perhaps, a little unusual that we wrote an article that might be counter to its unfettered deployment. (more…)

Privacy and security in the design of Intelligent Environments

Monday, July 6th, 2009

There’s still time to attend the Ethical Design of Ambient Intelligence workshop on July 19, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain:

List of workshop themes include, but are not limited to:
* Ethical issues of Ambient Intelligence
* Ethical guidelines for design of Intelligent Environments
* User and/or usability/user experience studies related to the design of Intelligent Environments
* Privacy, Security and safety in the design of Intelligent Environments

It’s being held in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Environments. If you go, please let us know what you think. —Chris Peterson

Sensors at Google Internet Summit: see video

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Increasingly when we look at sensing we need to look at wireless technology as well. The topics were covered in one session at this year’s Google Internet Summit. Speakers were Craig Partridge (BBN), Larry Alder (Google), Sumit Agarwal (Google Mobile), Kevin Fall (Intel), and Deborah Estrin (UCLA).

For those of us who missed the conference, videos are posted. This session lasts 90 minutes; I haven’t tackled it yet but the talks by Estrin, Agarwal, and Partridge look relevant to our interests, and maybe the others as well. Partridge refers to a 10-20 year timeframe, by when this whole field should be doing amazing things (for good and maybe ill as well).

One problem with the “video-ization” of the world, as opposed to accessing text, is the difficulty of skimming to see if something is worth viewing/reading. I look forward to a future feature on YouTube to enable seeing a few seconds’ clip every five minutes or so. Thanks to for the pointer.

Getting oriented

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

As I write this, Miron Cuperman is working on the main website, to be based on Drupal.

If you are looking for some orientation meanwhile, try the keynote from the O’Reilly Open Source Convention:

Slides, about five minutes

Video, about fifteen minutes

—Chris Peterson