Closed-source sensors: how good are the best ones today?

For Open Source Sensing to succeed, we need to be familiar with the best proprietary sensors available today. Check out the “Best of Sensors Expo” Award Winners. Examples:

Gold Awards

Category: Sensors
DTS’ 6DX rugged, ultra-small 6 degrees of freedom sensor
Category: Data Acquisition Products
MicroStrain Inc.’s HS-LINK high-speed wireless sensor node
Category: Sensor Components
PowerCast Corp.’s P2100 Powerharvester energy harvesting module
Category: Sensors
SBG Systems’ IG-500N miniature Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)

How can open source sensing interact with proprietary sensors? Should we focus instead on data-handling, from any sensor? Or start there, and then expand to software, and then hardware? —Chris Peterson

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