Vancouver moves to Open Data…but what data should be open?

Jennifer Kavur of Infoworld brings great news from Vancouver:

Open source activists are praising the Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source motion passed by the City of Vancouver last month.

Proposed by City Councillor Andrea Reimer, the motion encourages the adoption of open standards, promotes distribution of open data and places open source on equal footing with commercial software during procurement cycles.

Vancouver is the first municipality in Canada to pass a motion that embraces the “open” city concept. But “we took some of our lead from Toronto, who did a 1.0 version of a motion last fall and is looking at rolling some stuff out,” said Reimer.

There is no question but that this is the right direction to go. Next, we need to help visionary cities and other governments think clearly about Open Data: what should be open, and what shouldn’t. Given that they are still struggling with the concept of open source software, this is going to take some serious work. (Credit: Open Source Technology) —Chris Peterson

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