Sensors get more intimate

The LA Times reports on work by the USC School of Medicine and School of Engineering:

The team has devised a wireless body area network that includes an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, a GPS device and a sensor that measures the electrical conductivity of skin. All the data is relayed to a Nokia phone, which then transmits it to a secure server.
The device will become so attuned to its wearer that the researchers have dubbed this the KNOWME Networks study, said Donna Spruijt-Metz of the Keck School of Medicine, who described the project last week at the Childhood Obesity Conference in Los Angeles.

“We’ll train the sensors to guess pretty well what you’re doing,” she said.

I bet she’s right! Speaking as one who is somewhat addicted to wearing a pedometer, I predict that this kind of thing will catch on. So it would be a good idea for us to make clear that we’d like to know what the systems we’re wearing are sensing, and where that data is going… —Chris Peterson

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