Sensors at Google Internet Summit: see video

Increasingly when we look at sensing we need to look at wireless technology as well. The topics were covered in one session at this year’s Google Internet Summit. Speakers were Craig Partridge (BBN), Larry Alder (Google), Sumit Agarwal (Google Mobile), Kevin Fall (Intel), and Deborah Estrin (UCLA).

For those of us who missed the conference, videos are posted. This session lasts 90 minutes; I haven’t tackled it yet but the talks by Estrin, Agarwal, and Partridge look relevant to our interests, and maybe the others as well. Partridge refers to a 10-20 year timeframe, by when this whole field should be doing amazing things (for good and maybe ill as well).

One problem with the “video-ization” of the world, as opposed to accessing text, is the difficulty of skimming to see if something is worth viewing/reading. I look forward to a future feature on YouTube to enable seeing a few seconds’ clip every five minutes or so. Thanks to for the pointer.

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