The Economist on mobile phone sensing pluses & minuses

Alexandra Carmichael, co-founder of the open source health research site CureTogether, brings our attention to a piece in The Economist summarizing *some* of the current work on sensing using mobile phones. It concludes:

The technology is probably the easy part, however. For global networks of mobile sensors to provide useful insights, technology firms, governments, aid organisations and individuals will have to find ways to address concerns over privacy, accuracy, ownership and sovereignty. Only if they do so will it be possible to tap the gold mine of information inside the world’s billions of mobile phones.

This may be true, but these projects seem to be moving ahead in any case… —Chris Peterson

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Chris! You’re right, in health care as well as sensing, policy is lagging behind the flurry of innovation, both open source and not. I wonder if it would go faster if policies were open sourced too.

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