ACme: open source energy sensing from UC Berkeley

Reuters reports:

A team of UC Berkeley students have built a wireless sensor network energy management tool called ACme, and the group has released all of its hardware design and software information, including the sourcecode and API, on its web site…

While the set-up is similar to what’s involved with products from other companies, like Tendril, the team points out in a paper on their web site that most of the systems out there are largely proprietary. Tendril has released an API, but it isn’t showing all the details like the ACme creators are.

So this is a good thing.  Energy use sensors are soon likely to be all over the place inside our homes and workplaces; these will be great for saving energy, but could also be used for keeping an eye on what people are up to.  Let’s try to establish the principle right up front that we want to know what these devices are sensing and how the data will be used.

ACme stands for AC meter. Here’s the project website.

—Chris Peterson

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