OpenShaspa: for-profit open-source energy monitoring

The news article cited in the previous post speculated that for a project to become a for-profit company, it may have to give up its open source nature. Perhaps not: see the Fast Company article on OpenShaspa, which has launched a home energy monitoring kit based on open source hardware and software:

Shaspa’s kit, which is constructed from open-source components, contains a system of wireless sensors that control home energy output…OpenShaspa can be linked to an open-source spin-off of Second Life called OpenSimulator.

The project seems to be aimed at getting people to share their data, which is fine if they’d like to do that. But if the technology is open source, the sharing can be up to the user. —Chris Peterson

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  1. Alex says:

    open4energy has an open source monitoring and graphing tool built on cacti and RRDtool available for Free download.

    The web site is:

  2. Thanks, Alex, we’ll check it out.

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