When to share the raw data & when not to

Russ Nelson sends this nomination:

This website encourages people to publish the raw data directly from their hydrologic sensors. Seems to me like they’re the poster child for open source sensing.


For scientific purposes, sharing the raw data (in addition to any interesting conclusions) is the way to go. In sensing situations where there are privacy concerns, which may not occur in the case of hydrologic data, an open source design process might involve not sharing all the raw data. Figuring out which cases are which will be a challenge! Thanks for the pointer, Russ. —Chris Peterson

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  1. Orman says:

    Making an overview of organization types and their motivations may give you a better idea on how to plan the “Open Source Sensing”. For example the motives of a corporation, a government and a citizen.

    -Product Creation

    -Product and Service Consumption
    -Privacy and Health

    -Monitoring and Controlling Agencies and Citizens
    -Defending Citizens against the Interests of Other Governments

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