Open Mobile Consortium aims at the “bottom billion”

The Open Mobile Consortium officially launched yesterday. From the press release:

The Open Mobile Consortium today launched its global development community to help organizations working towards social good to better collaborate and share mobile phone-based technologies. The OMC’s open source software tools help organizations to better serve the health, humanitarian and development needs of the “bottom billion,” the poorest and most disenfranchised citizens of the world…

OMC members share a vision that by working together to drive grassroots mobile technology innovation in some of the most challenging, resource-poor environments in the world, they will create a simple, flexible, and reliable set of technology that enable to individual and organizations anywhere in the world to effect social change.

OMC looks on track to succeed at the first part of our goal here at Open Source Sensing: maximizing the benefits of these new abilities. Given the vulnerability of their target users, perhaps we can assist with the second part, minimizing the downsides. “Social change” comes in more than one flavor… —Chris Peterson

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